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KOIMA Market Research Service

Market Research Service provides clients (both domestic importers & foreign exporters) with accurate market information. The service provides not only the most fundamental information for entering the Korean market, but also the most detailed & essential market information with critical analysis needed to compete in the local market.

Researching Business Partnerships

Based on data from 20,000 Korean importers, Researching Business Partnerships is a service that collects and provides general market information including potential buyers and suppliers.

Researching Market Trends

This information provides customized service that studies Korean market trends and a crucial advantage when a client wants to export products to the Korean domestic market.

Branch Agency Service in Korea for Foreign Institutes & Enterprises

We provide a Branch Agency Service in Korea to foreign institutes and enterprises to help them in entering the Korean market more effectively.

  • A. Searching for Korean importers
  • B. Researching local market status and completing reports needed for on-site business
  • C. Making contact with local accounts through phone, fax, e-mail etc
  • D. Consulting on visiting local enterprises
  • E. Attending and providing information about various fairs and seminars
We offer the followings

KOIMA relies on over 40 years of accumulated knowledge and experience to provide youwith the most comprehensive industry knowledge. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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